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"Call TRI-COUNTY before YOU try digging!"

Whether you are building a home, adding on, installing sprinklers or just planting a tree, Tri-County Locators is here to keep you safe! No matter what size the job, you FIRST need to locate underground utilities. Some of those “hotline” companies only mark the lines up to the meter, what about AFTER that point. If you have a curbside meter then your property is not getting marked by those other companies. In some areas it’s even AGAINST THE LAW to dig without locates!
Tri-County Locators is your one-stop utility locator.

Tri-County serves contractors, homeowners, governments, commercial, or better yet, anyone who needs buried utilities located. All it takes is one call to Tri-County Locators for all your utility locating needs. Tri-County has some of the cheapest rates around, especially if you consider the possible cost of hitting a line. We are continuing to double our client base each year! We will soon be able to not only locate your lines but also dig your trench.

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